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🏆 Range of vocabulary is one of the 4 evaluation criteria in Oxford & Cambridge examinations and ‘Advertising’ is one of the vocabulary themes. thematic vocabulary in your sentences = better performance = better mark

🙋‍♂ The best idea is to obtain a good mark is to learn a few thematic expressions and use them when asked about this topic (either in case of speaking or writing).

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➡ brand awareness: how well people know a particular brand

➡ brand loyalty: the degree to which people continue to buy from the same brand or company

➡ advertising agency: a company that creates adverts for other companies

➡ advertising budget: the amount of money a company decides to spend on advertising

➡ buy and sell: often used to refer to the buying and selling of items between individuals

➡ call to action: something that encourages someone to take a particular action, such as making a purchase or clicking a link on a website

➡ celebrity endorsement: to have a well-known person promote a product

➡ classified ads: small advertisements often put in a newspaper or magazine by individuals

➡ to cold call: to call someone with the aim of selling something without them asking you to do so

➡ commercial break: the short period during TV programmes when advertisements are shown

➡ commercial channel: TV channels that make money from showing advertisements

➡ to go viral: to quickly become extremely popular on the Internet through social media

➡ junk mail: unwanted promotional leaflets and letters to launch a product: to introduce a new product

➡ mailing list: a list of names and contact details used by a company to send information and advertisements

➡ mass media: large media outlets like TV, newspapers and magazines

➡ niche product: a product that is aimed at a distinct group of people to place an advert: to put an advert somewhere

➡ press release: something written by a company for newspapers and magazines and websites to share and publish

➡ prime time: the time during the viewing schedule when most people watch TV or listen to a broadcast

➡ product placement: to advertise a product by using it as a prop in a TV show or film

➡ sales page: a page specifically used to promote a product or service to show adverts: to display adverts on TV

➡ social media: websites that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

➡ spam email: unwanted, promotional email ➡ target audience: the people a company want to sell their product or service to

➡ word of mouth: recommendations made by individuals to other individuals about a product of service

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